Made by nature, each slab of marble has its own unique color and veining with no two slabs of marble appearing the same even if they are of the same type. Variations are to be expected and celebrated.

White Carrara Marble

This stone has subtle gray flecks in the background with light soft feathery or linear gray veining. Sometimes the veining can range from gray to brown to beige.

Due to its classic marble appearance, it is our most popular marble and an excellent choice for large fountains, planters, balusters etc.…

Statuary White Marble

This is a pure white marble used commonly for classical statues and fountains. It has a bright white field but not as much color variation as Carrara which makes it perfect for showcasing the intricate details of the product. This marble makes a statement turning your product into a divine masterpiece that sends a message of luxury and style.

Egyptian Cream Marble

This stone is truly a sophisticated masterpiece that will give your home a sense of divine elegance. With its soothing uniform warm sandy tone painted with delicate white, red and black veins it is sure to satisfy the highest expectations of beauty making this stone one of our most luxurious and popular marbles. Due to its captivating grandeur, this stone would be a great choice for your finest decorating projects.

Red Marble

Red marble is sure to bring a sense of Strength, Vitality, and sensuality to any home. This elegant stone with its red background and rich assortment of white veins or spots will make a bold statement which makes it a great choice for decorative colorful additions to your project. There are big color and veining variations in each block of red marble giving this stone its exotic beauty. If you are looking to bring a unique elegance and captivating charm to your intimate space, this marble is a great choice for you.

Uses: Vases, Benches, Pillars, Decorative addition to other stones, ex. dress for statuary products etc… Not appropriate for intricate carvings with details or large sculptures.

All four statues are made of the same red marble

Sunset Red Marble

With its lower tone of red this marble has a classic and traditional look to it which is sure to bring peace and tranquility to any space. Painted by nature in softer tones of red with wide silky bands of off white and black this marble is a true natural beauty. There is a big variation in color tone and veining of this marble which endows it with its own unique beauty. This masterpiece of nature with its natural sophistication is our most popular red marble. Uses: This marble can be sculpted into any imaginable design big or small. Ex. Gazebos, columns, fountains, benches, and etc..

Rosetta Marble

Rosetta marble is truly a classical symphony of elegance. This beautiful Marble with its gorgeous calming palette of subtle orangey peach, and gray tones, is sure to bring warmth and elegance to any space making it a very popular decorative stone.

Nature offers us two different shades of Rosetta Stone, Light and Dark Rosetta.

  • Light Rosetta: Lighter peachy orange color. Some have thick grey veins and some have thinner grey veins that are not very obvious.
  • Dark Rosetta: Darker peachy orange color and usually has more grey veins which are more pronounced than light Rosetta. However, there are some dark Rosetta with no veins at all.

Uses: This marble can be sculpted into any imaginable design big or small. Ex. Gazebos, columns, fountains, benches, and etc..

Light Rosetta
Dark Rosetta Fountain
Light Rosetta Statue
Dark Rosetta

Honey Onyx:

Painted by nature in beautiful soft tones of cream, sandy beige, and other unique blend of earth tones this stone is one of nature’s true masterpieces that is sure to bring peace and tranquility to any space.

Elegant, soft, and classic, Honey Onyx makes an incredible decorative stone. Every block of Honey Onyx has its own blend of earth tones making every piece a one of a kind masterpiece.

Uses: A decorative addition to other stone materials. Not appropriate for a complete sculpture.

Beige Cream Marble

This magnificent marble with its captivating warmth and beauty brings a sense of peace and calm into its surroundings. With its beige background painted with beige and golden veins this elegant marble leaves a luxurious impression making it our most popular beige marble. This marble is also very strong.

Uses: This marble can be sculpted into any imaginable design big or small. Ex. Gazebos, fountains, Planters, etc.…

Lion heads are in Beige Marble

Antique Yellow Marble

With its sandy golden beige and light gray, black, and brown spots this marble will bring the look of elegant antiquity to your space. The color is not uniform with parts of the stone being more deeply pigmented giving this marble its antiqued elegance. Uses: This marble can be sculpted into any imaginable design big or small. Ex. Fire places, fountains, and etc….

Nero Marquina

Nero Marquina is a classic rich black marble with distinctive white and sometimes gold veining. With its refined chic look, it is sure to leave a luxurious impression. This stunning marble is suitable to both classic chic and modern inspired design projects.

Uses: Due to its delicate nature this stone would be best used for smaller sculptures like fireplaces or pedestals etc….

Royal Black Marble

With its background black as the night sky this marble is as classic as it comes and will bring elegance and sophistication to any room. Its infinite depth, unique strength and bold look is sure to make a statement.

Royal black marble is almost uniform in color and sometimes there might be some veining. This marble would be a great choice for a contemporary architectural setting.

Uses: This marble is suitable for many products including but not limited to fireplaces, fountains, planters, pedestals etc.…